The Beginnings of “Simple Church” or a “Community of Faith”

Last year I met a Bhutanese lady who’s a Person of Peace (POP) on the plane and now one of the young ladies I disciple and I have had various opportunities to meet her friends and family!

It all started with a simple conversation on the plane on her country and mine, our cultures, our food, and then our religion. Conversation went from simple, to serious toggling to spiritual conversations about God and prayer.

This is what Jesus taught his disciples as they were sent out 2 by 2 (Luke 10), that they were to look for the person of peace and go to their house, stay with them and bring the kingdom fo God to them, by healing the sick ,casting out demons and declaring God’s kingdom has come near to them!

After the initial contact on the plane, she invited my husband and I to her house for a meal. And we then invited her and her sister and her sister’s husband over where I introduced a young lady I was discipling. We subsequently had a meal at a Bhutanese buffet restaurant in Perth together. Eventually we were even able to meet at the young lady’s home for DBS (Discovery Bible Studies on the Seven Signs in John/ Seven Miracles Jesus Did) . At this DBS, this POP invited another Bhutanese friend! We were pleasantly surprised.

Last week, we were invited to their house for a meal to meet her mother and nephew and another Bhutanese house mate and an opportunity arose for me to bless the family as she asked me to pray before we started eating! That was unusual for a pre-believer to do that.

However that’s because i have sowed that and done that various times we have had meals together. Never underestimate the time of giving thanks for your meals with pre-believers!

Besides having conversation with the ladies I played a lot with her sister’s young son. Jesus said “let the little children come to me” and unless you become like a little child, you cannot enter the kingdom.”

Well, that’s the beginning of a simple church.

Interested to learn more? We have a Zúme simple church planting training comprise of 10 comprehensive sessions just to help you with making disciples and planting simple churches like this.

Does anyone here have a POP story? Love to hear!

Karen Tay

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