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Apostolic and Prophetic Equipping Hub

Our Apostolic-Prophetic Equipping Hub in West Australia aims to equip you with a strong spiritual understanding and foundation of the apostolic and prophetic functions in the Ekklesia; and to equip you to hear from God and be sent out to make and multiply disciples  of Christ. We seek to bring together the apostolic and the prophetic functions which are characteristically poles apart to work together on kingdom assignments. 

It will be a 6-day 5-night stay‐in “camp”, located at a house by a small dam. And it involves teaching, training, equipping, prayer, coaching, activation and exercise of gifts, praxis and conversations on the last days.


This hands-on, practical, in-depth training and equipping is for those who have been through our “Flourishing Ministry Equipping Intensive- Discover the 5 Gifts of Christ” training, and you believe or others recognise/identify yourself to be apostolically or prophetically inclined/gifted.

God is restoring the apostolic and prophetic to His Kingdom. The gifts of the apostle and prophet are not any more important than the evangelist, pastor/shepherd, or teacher. They are not something higher, but one of the 5‐fold functional gifts meant to train and equip the saints for the work of the ministry. We (the church) have really made them out to be something that’s religiously out of place.

REGISTRATIONS OPEN for Summer (3-8 Dec 2023) and Autumn (3-8 Mar 2024) intakes

To register, email [email protected]


1. Equip through training

2. Engage through conversation and prayer

3. Empower through coaching

4. Embolden through praxis

5. Establish through teaching


Karen and Jason Tay (Please refer to our page “About our Equippers” for trainer bios)


1st week of Spring ( 7-10 Sept 2023); FULLY ENROLLED

1st week of Summer (3-8 Dec 2023, Sunday to Friday) Still open! Limited spaces left.

1st week of Autumn (3-8 Mar 2024 Sunday to Friday) Register by latest 15 Feb 2023.

TO REGISTER, EMAIL: [email protected]

Location: Margaret River, Western Australia.


Small Intake ‐ only limited to 6 persons per intake, for highly interactive learning and community building .

We highly recommend you submit your interest early as it is a small intake on a “first come, first serve” basis once registration fee is paid in full.

For overseas participants, you may wish to book your flight early to ensure flight availability and to get cheaper flights. 

REGISTRATION FEE of $300 AUD covers :

  • 6 days of training/teaching/coaching
  • 5 Nights/6 Days  of accommodation
  • cleaning fee of accommodation
  • group transport to and from Perth-Margaret River-Perth and time in MR.

Fee Does NOT cover :

  • Meals – group buy/cooking to be done in kitchen of house, 3-4 meals outside average AU$20-40 per meal per person
  • Airport transfers (to and from Perth airport to Meeting point in Perth)
  • Your own flight (if applicable) – please ensure your flight arrives before departure time from Perth

Fees are fully refundable if flights are cancelled or due to any other exigencies.

Fees are fully refundable before registration closure date for each semester.


For Overseas Participants

Depart from Perth to Margaret River :  9am on the first day

Meeting Point in Perth:  30 min from airport.

Arrive in Perth from Margaret River: 430pm 

NO airport transfers included.

For Local Participants, you may wish to drive to the Equipping Hub location on your own. However we strongly encourage you to join in the group transport so you can get to know others. A discount of $50 off your registration fee will be given if you wish to drive on your own.

Global Equipping Hub – APEST Gifts for Disciple-making Movements

Date : 23-25 Mar 2023 (Thur – Sat)

Time: 9am to 530pm daily

Registration Fee: 70AUD – Lunch included, with coffee and tea breaks (if you have dietary requirements, please bring your own lunch). REGISTRATION CLOSED


Do you desire to see God’s people empowered to do the work of the ministry and the Body of Christ come to maturity of stature and unity of the faith?

This can only happen when the gifts of Christ – the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd, and Teacher (APEST) – according to scripture in Eph 4:11, are released to train and equip the saints to do the work of the ministry.

What we typically see in the Body of Christ today are individual parts functioning in isolation but not joined together. Is it possible to see the APEST gifts function together with unity and purpose? 

How do the APEST gifts function in tandem to empower God’s people and to catalyse Disciple-making Movements so we can fulfil the mission Jesus gave us?

Never before have we had 5 Gifts coming together to equip the saints, bringing with them decades of experience after almost 30 years of walking together.

These sessions will help church planters, missionaries, kingdom-minded pastors, leaders and any disciple of Christ who are practicing DMM or desiring to see DMM in your sphere of influence :

> Understand the APEST gifts – the functions, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of each gift.

> Identify these gifts in the Body of Christ and discern counterfeit expressions to avoid.

> Identify and appreciate one another’s gifts and how the 5 gifts working together through organic kingdom relationships in the context of everyday life.

> Growing in the Apostolic and Prophetic functions

> Laying an Apostolic-Prophetic foundation for Disciple multiplication and DMM.

> Have conversations with the panel and with your team to discuss and understand the workings of God’s kingdom in your sphere of influence. 


Jason and Karen Tay were serving as leaders in a church for almost 20 years that grew from a small handful to thousands. For over 10 years, Karen was also Regional Director for Christ for All Nations (CfaN, the ministry founded by the late evangelist Reinhard Bonnke) in Asia/Pacific, and one of the facilitators for the 4-14 window global missions’ movement, with much experience preaching and teaching in many countries, working with various denominations and churches in different cultures. 

Since 2012, their deep conviction of what biblical Ekklesia looks like, led them to step out to pioneer, release, activate and empower many others to start missional communities committed to walking in obedience to God’s Word, building authentic relationships in community, and an apostolic heart of going and being the church where the lost are. They also founded Missional Church Communities Network (now known as Missional Movements), a relational network of kingdom communities across various countries, focused on “multiplying disciples who make disciples”. 

Desiring to see the Body of Christ come to maturity and fullness, they currently conduct Equipping/ Training Intensives on the 5 Gifts of Christ operating in the context of God’s kingdom, to activate God’s people for ministry through the discovery and development of the gifts of the apostle, prophet, evangelist, shepherd, and teacher. They have been married for 23 years and have a grown daughter. They moved from Singapore in 2019 to Australia where they are now based. 

Neil Cole is an experienced church planter, author and pastor. He is credited as a key catalyst in the global organic church movement and founded Church Multiplication Associates (CMA), which has helped to start tens of thousands of churches in 50 states and 50+ nations in only 20 years. He has recently founded Starling Initiatives, a global connection of like-minded people who listen to Jesus and do what He says. You can find out more at www.StarlingIntitiatives.com.

Neil is also an international speaker and has authored seventeen books including Organic Church, Cultivating a Life For God, Organic Leadership, Church 3.0, Primal Fire, Rising Tides, PRAY and VIRAL. 

Neil and Dana have been married 39 years. They live in Long Beach, California and have three grown children Heather, Erin and Zach, and five Grandkids.

Dezi Baker is a hidden prophet with many supernatural experiences. Dezi is a long-standing voice in prophetic/apostolic movements, as a visionary and catalyst behind church expressions such as the organic church, Big-Fish and the Endless Knot Community. His rich stories, sense of humor and holistic approach to the Christian experience have changed the way many view life, church, and being. Yet, more than likely, you’ve never heard of this silent prophet from the Arizona desert.

Dezi and his family currently reside in the historic mining town of Globe, Arizona, where he runs a cafe, and together with a strong spiritual family, continually apply God’s organic principles to transform the larger community around them.

Ed Waken loves to be around people and is passionate about helping them know Jesus. Ed teaches, trains, writes, mentors, and consults in evangelism, leadership, and organic church thought in many countries. He brings experience, provenness, and insights that benefit many.

Ed has authored Wildfire – The Fearless Spread of the Gospel, which explores the freedom and success for all believers anytime they share any portion of the gospel of Jesus. Ed contributed to Primal Fire, exploring the APEST approach to equipping churches. He is currently working on Igniting Wildfires, which will explore the biblical role of the evangelist.

Ed is an adjunct professor at Grace School of Theology and Arizona Christian University. He began and helps lead ValleyLife Church, a church of churches in Phoenix, Arizona. Ed and Debbie married in 1978, live in Phoenix, Arizona, and have three adult children and five grandchildren.

Phil Helfer is the longtime shepherd of Los Altos Grace Church in Longbeach, California. The church is a spiritual family of brothers and sisters in Christ who seek to understand the Scriptures and live them out together. They believe that as a church they are a sent people who also send others and in so keeping, they support various ministries locally and also missionaries around the world. Phil has spent much of his life and ministry discovering, developing, and implementing principles for organic church life and movement. For more than 25 years, he has partnered with a group of leaders who each fulfill a role from Ephesians 4:11 – Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd, and Teacher. Together, they addressed the power of APEST in their book, Primal Fire. Phil has been married to his wife, Lori, for 39 years. They enjoy camping, boating, and spending time with their family.

Chris Suitt currently serves with the Organic Church Movement APEST team as the teacher who trains others to train others to hear and follow Jesus using the Scriptures. He is the author of two books, including ‘More Than a Sunday Faith, It’s Not Complicated’, and the ‘Discipleship Training Center Facilitator Guide’. He plants organic churches and disciples others who start organic churches without walls wherever Jesus has them.